Do you charge membership fees to your players, members and other persons? Do you want to start accepting credit card payments? Do you want to start afundraising campaign for your Club? Footballfy is the best solution

Footballfy provides your Club with the possibility of charging their users via online. It is special for Clubs that charge a monthly membership. The administrator will take a strict control over the finance by knowing which player owes money and which does not.

Also, Footballfy provides you with the tools to make fundraising campaigns for your Club, such as raffles and donations. In both cases people can chip in using a credit card.


Footballfy creates your community around your Club.
The players, coaches, members, supporters, parents, board members and journalists will be connected and will interact through this app.


Raise money using the raffle draw, where you will assign the players with an amount of raffle numbers for them to sell. This can be payed via a link that will be sent by the player, and will accept several payment methods, including credit card. Footballfy even allows you to make the raffle draw in their own draw system and in real time.


Create donations campaigns, so that the people close to the Club can chip in. The donations can be paid online in your Club´s web site.