Footballfy allows you to manage the Club´s web site, by a control panel really easy and intuitive to use. It is not necessary to know any programming language andanyone can do it.

With the matches information, the news, events, etc, your Club´s web site will get automatically generated, and it will be available to the whole world, instantly refreshing itself as you provide the system with relevant Club events(matches, news, etc). Moreover, the Club´s statistics will be automatically generated as well as the player´s and coach´s statistics.

The Club´s web site can be taken care by more than one person/player/coach from the club, and so the task does not depend only in one person, and better content can be generates to share with web page visitors.


Footballfy creates your community around your Club.
The players, coaches, members, supporters, parents, board members and journalists will be connected and will interact through this app.

List of Features

You can select the primary and secondary color of your web site, and also you Club´s logo.

You can publish your Club´s news, events and match reports. The news will be grouped by type of new and the web site visitors can leave their comments. Also, the news can be shared on social media easily.

You will be able to upload photos and videos and create albums. Footballfy is integrated with Youtube to upload videos from them. Footballfy provides tools to highlight the important moments of a match, where you can cut and label de video easily.

Your Club´s web site will have a complete calendar with all your Club´s matches. You will also be able to upload the matches report, the lineup, goals cards, etc. With every report you can upload photos and videos.

For every season, you will have a list of players and coaches, who will have their own profile, with their personal information, their statistics, which will be generated in real time as you upload your Club´s matches.

As you upload your Club´s matches and your rivals matches, the league table will automatically be generated.

The web site will have a sponsors section, where they can be seen by the web site visitors.

You can define the competitions won by your Club.

As you upload your Club´s matches, the player and Club´s records will be generated. Now you will be able to know who is the Club´s historic goal scorer!

The web site will generate the player´s statistics in real time such as: Played Matches, Goals, Cards, etc.

The season´s table of goal scorers will be generated.

The web site will allow the visitors to become members, buy tickets, make donations, buy raffle numbers and make custom payments.

Using Google Maps, we can see the location of the stadium or fields our Club has a match in.

The visitors will be able to rate the players after every match.

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